We Sell Websites

3 All of our websites are for sale if the right buyer comes along.

In the past, we have completed six and seven figure sales of website such as Denmark.net, Vienna.net or Slowakei.com and of domains such as rdio.com, hmt.com, bfx.com, seu.com or cuter.net. We are open to offers on all of our properties but typically sell outside the domaining industry.

Recent Sales

Below are some of our domain and website sales:

  1. kyiv.com
  2. startup.at
  3. vienna.net
  4. denmark.net
  5. favor.it (Favor.it GmbH)
  6. agx.com
  7. fideliter.com to TER SNCF (French rail)
  8. rdio.com to rdio Inc
  9. slowakei.com to SLC-Europe
  10. slc.me to St Lawrence's College
  11. cnq.net
  12. evow.net to Plenty of Fish
  13. SpaceAds.com
  14. EOFE.com
  15. EIV.com

Recent Rejected Offers

Below are some purchase offers that have recently been rejected by us:

  1. cam.me $45,000
  2. taxi.me $50,000
  3. TvPosters.com $18,000
  4. fxd.com $105,000
  5. teamfeeds.com $5,000
  6. utaxi.com $15,000
  7. anruf.com $25,000
  8. tid.net $12,000
  9. quality.ca $25,000
  10. startup.eu $13,000
  11. Kyiv.com $35,000

The Value of Domains

Domains are proven investments, being even called “online real estate”. With online businesses having turned into the main source of consumerinformation, the fight for traffic has become harder than ever.

Domain nameshave become a decisive factor: the right name will eventually save thousands or even millions over the years when it comes to online advertising expenditure, and along with rising costs in this field, the value of domain names has risen considerably in the last years.

For example, Bank of America bought loans.com, CNN owns money.com, Barnes & Noble acquiredbooks.com and Nestle owns meals.com.

Below are the top domain sales of 2012:

  1. Investing.com $2,450,000
  2. PersonalLoan.com $1,000,000
  3. Silver.com $875,000
  4. FreeWebsite.com $500,000
  5. Webhosting.co.uk $500,000
  6. Challenge.com $500,000
  7. Jackpot.com $500,000
  8. GiftBasket.com $350,000
  9. VI.com $325,000
  10. BJ.com $325,000